Current Promotion

Thank you for being a customer of Chamax Cards & Breaks.
We are sending this email out to you, as you have purchased either sports cards, or sport card breaks from us in the past couple of years.
We wanted to let you know, that all of our breaks are available to purchase on our website, www.chamaxcards.com. We have baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer breaks from the last 5 product years to current.
We sent out a message last month, regarding some new eBay case break policies, and if you want more information on that, please do not hesitate to contact us through the website, or email us direct at info@chamaxcards.com
We are having and end of summer promotion, and for our appreciation of your past and continuing business, we have issued you each a $20.00 credit to use on the website (to buy into a break, or put towards sealed boxes), using the discount code "summer20". This code is good for the remainder of September, 2023.
Again, come join us for a break or two, and then enjoy the rest of the summer!